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Loan funds from car title loans Birmingham are used for a number of things. Some borrowers utilize funds to provide the capital they need to start a small business. Many people use their funds to pay for unexpected expenses, and some folks rely on loans to carry them through when changing jobs. These versatile loans come in handy for any purpose, and they are also easy to get. You don’t even have to worry about a credit check because loans are secured using the title to your vehicle. If you own a car outright with a clear title and have income for repaying a loan, you could be approved quickly. Borrowers love the fact that they can apply online any time they are in need of a little extra cash. Westoak Title Loans has already helped lots of folks in your neighborhood, and we can help you too. Whether you need funds to cover an emergency or make car repairs.

Our Application Process

Applying Made Easy

As a lender in the title loan business, Westoak Title Loans values input from our customers. We’ve listened to your concerns and considered your requests for an easy application process. To enhance the application process, we take applications over the phone and at local loan center stores. In addition, for those folks with busy lifestyles that prefer online services.

The Application Form

It doesn’t cost you a thing to apply for title loans Birmingham, so go ahead and submit your information to get the loan process started. Applications require a brief amount of contact and vehicle information such as:

• Your full name, telephone number and zip code.

• A mileage estimate and the age, make, model and style of your vehicle to be used for collateral.

Application Checklist

You might want to take a moment to locate your paper car title and income records to confirm that you meet these requirements before filling out an application.

1. Are you at least 18 and have a driver’s license or state identification card to provide proof of your age?

2. Do you own a working vehicle, which is paid in full?

3. Do you have the paper car title to your vehicle, which lists you as the vehicle owner?

4. Is your title free from liens?

5. Do you have proof of income from a retirement funds, self-employment earnings, government benefits, a regular job or other sources?

We have a short online application that is easily completed in a few minutes.

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Information About Vehicle Title Loans

Choosing Repayment Plans

After receiving your income information, Westoak Title Loans would be happy to make recommendations for choosing a repayment plan. Our goal is to see that each individual comes away with an affordable plan, which doesn’t overextend your financial obligations.

Some loan terms may be as short as 30 days, but it is also possible to get a loan with longer terms. In most instances, longer title loans Birmingham may have smaller payment amounts, which is often beneficial if finances are stretched.

Providing Collateral

There is a good chance that you are already driving what you need to secure a loan. Westoak Title Loans requires approved borrowers to secure their loans with the titles to their vehicles. This reduces risks on our part, and it helps to ensure that you follow through with your payments. It also works out well for borrowers because secured loans are typically larger loan amounts and may come with better interest rates.

Qualifying With
Bad Credit

We work with people every day that wouldn’t ordinarily qualify for traditional loans because of their bad credit. However, it makes no difference to us whether you have blemishes on your credit report or a low credit score. Taking the time to check credit scores isn’t worth the time since loans are secured.

How Loans
Are Figured

If you are fortunate to have a newer model vehicle in good condition, you could come away with a loan worth thousands of dollars. The information you provide in your application is taken to the Kelly Blue Book database where we look up the current market value of your vehicle. This provides us with a base amount for the loan, and we also consider your available monthly income for making payments to come up with the total loan amount.

How the Car Title Loan Process Works


To assure that all approved borrowers receive fast payouts, we process applications quickly. Just after submitting your application, you will receive an online loan estimate telling you how much cash you could be approved for. We encourage you to look it over and continue with a telephone loan consultation. Consultations are free of charge, and this gives you a good opportunity to learn about the loan process and ask questions.


Each applicant is assigned an experienced loan representative who will guide you through the loan process from start to finish. If you have never had a car title loan before or are unfamiliar with how loans work, please take the time to ask questions. During the loan consultation, your representative will discuss your sources of income and your monthly income to determine manageable monthly payments. You’ll talk about your preferences for repaying the loan over time, and our loan representative will provide several repayment plans for you to consider.

Loan Agreements

To finalize the loan process, you’ll meet with your loan representative at one of our loan center stores in Birmingham. You will be presented with a contract, which summarizes your verbal agreements and specifies all the terms of the loan according to state auto title regulations. After completing your paperwork, you will be asked to turn in the title to your vehicle to meet loan collateral requirements. You can collect your loan funds, and you are free to continue using your vehicle during the loan period. If you like the idea of quick cash in a day or less, check out title loans Birmingham today.

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